12 Months into the Scheme, and Dubbo is reaping the rewards

The National Disability Insurance Scheme was introduced in Dubbo twelve months ago and the region is feeling positive and optimistic about the benefits the community has received

“The NSW economy continues to benefit from the roll out of the NDIS with the workforce expected to grow by 23,650 – 28,950 workers”, said Matthew Wright (the NDIS engagement and inclusion branch manager to the Local News the Daily Liberal.

The statistics quoted for the NDIS are quite staggering. As an example, “..NSW workforce expected to grow by 23,650 – 28,950 workers, and “The NDIS is empowering more than 2264 adults and 603 children locally in the Western NSW region and more than 81,000 people across NSW, including more than 18,000 people receiving supports for the first time”.

As the Queensland roll out continues, the need for a concerted workforce development focus is becoming more prevalent. We have the work available for people, but there just isn’t enough good high quality calibre of people. Unfortunately other areas who have had such increased demand haven’t been able to offer any insights into how to make it work either. So, to ensure the people who need support get what is necessary, a proper national workforce planning model is needed. We can only ‘recycle’ or train a certain amount of people.

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