Frequently Asked Questions

I've been told by my Support Planner that I shouldn't share my plan with a provider because they will inflate their prices to take advantage of me. Am I allowed to, and should I share my support plan?

It against the NDIA Code of Practice for providers to manipulate prices and is just not good business. RCS aligns it prices with the NDIS price guide. You do not have to share you plan and it is completely your choice. Whether or not you share your plan with RCS will not affect the prices quoted.

I am in a shared accommodation service that NDIA refers to as a Supported Independent Living (SIL) arrangement and we share our support costs at times. What happens to my support if one of my co-tenants leave?

Your support would continue as it had been, and RCS will take a proactive approach to help find a suitable co-tenant for you. Your funding will not be impacted by this change

Can I bring my own support worker to RCS

If you already know a support worker that you would like to utilize, you can ask them to apply to RCS. They will need to go through our regular on-boarding process. If you give us a call on 07 3725 6500, we can prioritize their application.

What is the minimum time I need to engage someone?

Real Community Services employs workers who require a minimum of 2 hours pay for each engagement.

Will RCS help me link in with other services, not just services provided by RCS?

Yes, we can help! Whether you need a recommendation for an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or to be linked with activities that Real Community Services does not provide, we will help you link in with other services to the best of our ability

What can I do during my community access? I’d love to go to a musical show that finishes at 1030pm but not sure if providers will be able to assist me after that time. Is it possible to still get help at that time of the night?

You can do anything within reason to get the most out of your community access. Some transport and costs may be funded by the NDIS and some may not. RCS will its utmost to help you access things of interest to you irrespective of when they finish.

Can I change my chosen supports once I have started receiving support?

Yes, absolutely! We tailor supports to meet your personalized needs -choice and control is yours. Contact your Facilitator to let them know what has changed

Will you try to match a support worker to meet my needs and personality?

Yes, RCS believes in personality matching along with skills and experience. We place a high priority on making the right connections for you

If I’m not happy with my current support worker, can I speak to RCS about different options?

Absolutely! We value your feedback and promote your choice and control in many ways. Please always feel comfortable to speak with your Support Facilitator about your preferences, and we will aim to make sure you are comfortable with your workers

Can I have two service providers?

Real Community Services are happy to work in cooperation with another service provider to best meet your individual needs. You can have as many providers to help you in the areas you are seeking support in as long as we know what we are being asked to do for you.


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