Clinical & Allied Health Services


Our participant focused Registered Nurses can assist with comprehensive assessments, plan development and ongoing support for:

  • Implementation of diabetic management plans
  • Epilepsy seizure monitoring
  • Dysphagia support and management of an oral eating and drinking care plan
  • Assistance with consumables, such as thickeners to allow easier swallowing and risk reduction
  • Catheter insertion, removal or change and catheter maintenance
  • Wound and pressure care
  • Daily maintenance of tracheostomy including insertion, removal and change in line with the care plan.
  • Assistance to utilise respiratory equipment
  • Nutrition supports including PEG maintenance and care

And much more (depending on the disability related health supports required).

Once we have developed a plan with you, we can also train your Support Networks (which can include family and friends) to implement the plan. This will help with the ongoing care you receive from those around you to achieve your Health and Wellbeing Goals.

We strive to work within the Multidisciplinary Team framework, ensuring that the entire team are included in communications to enhance health and wellbeing. This includes the participants’ usual GP, Allied Health teams and their Support Coordinators so that we are managing Disability health related supports optimally to achieve outcomes that are meaningful to the Participant.

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