Disability Support & Services


Real Community Services engages with people every single day.

The elderly, those with a disability, young adults, teenagers and young children.

Whether you are looking for care and support in the home, or in the community, we are here to support you where you are and whenever you need us, to help you live your best life.

In Home - Child

Young girl with down syndrome doing painting with her hands

In Home - Young Adult

Disability Support worker with a girl in the gym

In Home - Adult

Man at desk high fiving his friend with laptop

In Home - Seniors

Meal Time - disability Support Worker

Community - Children

A support worker with a disabled child smiling together

Community - Young Adults

Two girls having fun, one is wearing a 3D mask

Community - Adults

A woman doing yoga with her disability support worker sitting next to her

Community - Seniors

An eldery man in a wheelchair being pushed by a support worker and both smiling