Child – Community Participation

Providing disability services and support tailored to your individual needs.



At Real Community Services we provide experienced, quality support to assist you to live a life full of possibilities.

Do you need help for your child to access the community? At Real Community Services, we believe getting out into the community is an important aspect of increasing your child’s quality of life. We also know that sometimes family life gets busy and an extra set of hands to help would be great.  Let us get to know you and your child. By getting to know your family, we can make sure we provide a worker that you are all comfortable with.

Our dedicated and friendly workers could assist you family with such things as:

  • Identification of local groups and activities
  • Sporting activities
  • Playing in the park
  • Appointments inc. Allied Health

Real Community Services provides tailored support services focused on empowering and improving the lifestyle of children.

With a brilliant team of support workers across south east Queensland, we are there to help realize their goals and live a fulfilling life. Talk to one of our friendly team about our community participation 1300 007 270 or click below to make an enquiry.

“Each day I ask myself if I can be better or if there anything else I can do better than I did yesterday. There usually is, so I start from there.”

Trevor Green
Company Director

Participant Enquiry

Are you ready to make an enquiry? Click the link below to fill out an online enquiry. The more information you provide, the better we can tailor our support. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office to talk over your referral.

All enquiries and personal information are strictly confidential. Your information will not be shared by us to anyone without your permission, or unless required by law.