Why Being A Support Worker Is The Best Job In The World

Whether you’re about to finish high school, currently studying at university, or maybe just looking for a career change, there is nothing more important than finding a job you love. Choosing to be a disability support worker is an incredibly rewarding job path that will see you continually learning, being challenged and giving back to the community.

If you love caring for other people, are patient, and take pride in making meaningful human connections, you will no doubt find being a disability support worker a fulfilling and worthwhile career. Here at Real Community Services we are always looking for people to join our wonderful team of support workers, and have put together some of our favourite reasons being a disability support worker is one of the best jobs around.

  •  Variety

Working as a disability support worker, no two days are the same. Each day is unique on who and how you’ll be helping, meaning that you will always be facing new challenges and learning something new. One day you could be facilitating group outings, and the next helping someone with their daily household chores. Some days you’ll be putting together a plan or program to assist someone’s specific needs, and other days you’ll simply be a shoulder to lean on. Working within the community means you’ll also have the opportunity to meet a range of people from all different walks of life and will all different stories.

  • Job Security

The work of a disability support person relies on human connection, meaning that it can never be replaced by technology.  Building a career within the disability support sector is a wonderful way to ensure your own job security, and can see you working all over Australia. It’s also a role that will see you continually learning and developing, providing career growth and opportunities to specialise in certain areas.

  • Sense Of Purpose

Finding a career that you enjoy is key to your overall happiness in life, and means that you will never dread Mondays again. Being a disability support worker is an incredibly rewarding job that truly gives you a sense of purpose. Waking up each morning and going to work knowing that you are making a difference to someone’s life and giving back to your community is a powerful feeling and motivation to do your very best.

  • Career Growth

As we mentioned before, working within the disability support sector provides you with many opportunities and avenues for professional development. From developing at home care plans for patients, to managing support centres, and to being involved in disability policies and government programs, becoming a disability support worker can be a stepping stone to a wonderfully long and rewarding career.

  • Work With Like Minded People

Working as disability support worker takes a special person. They are patient, kind, and community minded, and it won’t be long before you start forming meaningful friendships with your colleagues.  Working as part of a larger team, our support workers are more than happy to share knowledge and help other colleagues when needed.

  •  Human Connection

Every day as a disability support worker you will make a difference in someone’s life and make a new human connection. Whether it’s the patient themselves, their families, or your wonderful colleagues, each day you will have meaningful face-to-face conversations with people who have a range of personalities and backgrounds. It’s a very social job that will overtime allow you will build strong bonds with those patients you support regularly, creating truly special connections.

Here at Real Community Services, we aim to provide flexible employment arrangements to support our staff and their families, and provide the opportunities for our staff to engage with us and the wider community.

We also pride ourselves on providing training opportunities for professional improvement, with many of our coordinators, administration, finance and management staff previously joining us as part of our support team.

If you’re ready to begin your rewarding career as a disability support worker make sure to check out our current opportunities.