Demerit Points on the cards for those who illegally park in Disabled Spaces

For those who illegally park in disability car parking spaces, the loss of demerit points will also be felt alongside a fine if the State Government pushes ahead with recent considerations.

The state government is considering stronger repercussions for those who use disability spaces without the required permit.
Approximately 140 drivers are hit with fines a month for using the specifically designated parking spots.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey has called the actions of these drivers “arrogant and reprehensible” with a total of 3900 fines of up to $261 each having been issued by police and Brisbane parking officers since January 2016. Even though there have been quite a lot of campaigns, it seems that Queenslanders are not hearing the message.

We are yet to know when this will be pushed through or not, but I do believe that that facing the prospect of loosing demerit points as well as a fine will curb it in the right direction a little more.

Trevor Green / Company Director

Real Community Services