NDIA Providers De-Registration

Frustrated Providers are considering de-registration amid continuing issues

Hours of un-billable times are being spent by small businesses to get answers from the NDIA, often each service getting different answers, with the added difficulty of getting through on the 1800 numbers.

Trying to plan ahead and work out where they want to take the business based on information on what is difficult to get and taking a long time to get answers, is leading many to consider de-registering from the scheme.

Pulling out of the NDIS in my view isn’t the answer. Unless you want to only provide services to people who are only plan managed and the small amount of people not eligible for the NDIS, you wont have a business to talk of in years to come. If you want to remain in the NDIS space, look at trimming the unnecessary frills that you may have been accustomed to in previous years and focus on providing an excellent service.

Yes, you will have an audit to pay for to ensure you are providing safeguards to people with a disability, however that is the cost you have to build into the type of business you have selected.

Yes, you will be frustrated with the often different bits of information gleamed from each call.

Yes, the NDIA is here to stay. It is a system that was emotionally and politically pushed ahead of proper planning. Everybody is to blame not just the NDIA. The government and the public wanted it here and now without proper due through to all the pitfalls and unfortunately issues happening in trial sites weren’t learnt from and lessons passed onto to others.

However, we all have a roll to play in providing progressive and targeted feedback on the solutions….. there is where we now need to focus on

You can find the radio interview on this link: Click Here