Introducing one of our very talented participants – Larry Stumer

Larry is one extraordinary individual! His artwork is amazing with designs that shows raw emotion and truth through each piece.

Larry captures moments in the most unusual spaces, places, people and time. He get’s out and about to take the shots with the assistance of his support workers that are his aka assistants in photography to get the perfect pictures that will then become a story that Larry creates.
Over a period of 6+ more weeks the masterpieces are complete and ready to view.
Larry had a serious motor bike accident 28 years ago and has been living with a spinal cord injury ever since. Larry pre-injury took up photography as a hobby, now post injury it is a passion of pure indulgence of love and creativity.
His story is told through some of his creations which to some may seem dark, very dark emotions. As Larry described some of his work as being death like, as part of him did die when the accident occurred.
After viewing his pieces I like to view it as a rebirth – to be reborn to a new life. Creating a positive beginning out of a tragedy.
Larry was a underground miner and electrician prior to having his accident and loved to travel. He sailed on the Endeavour ship from England to Sydney, a 3 month journey he was about 30 years young, what an amazing experience!
Another great memory for Larry is when two Councillors from Ipswich were at an auction for local artist a piece that Larry had on display for the ANZAC’s called LEGACY ACTION. Both were trying to outbid the other and the price kept going up. Larry was blown away (he really underestimated his talent) that very piece is now proudly displayed in the Council office to date.
Larry has been part of a few exhibitions for up and coming artists. He was chosen out of 75 artists to display his art work for the RFQ Exhibition. Again this blew Larry away and his pieces sold for more than he expected.
Larry has also been featured in a book written by Author Glen Smith. I had the pleasure of talking with Larry personally about his life is full of adventure and smiles. He is one funny character that loves to banter. Time flew by as I was engulfed by his words and wanted to hear more.
Larry is passionate about making changes for others living with disability and I know he will. Larry has been seen in LIFESTYLE magazines raising awareness for disability issues. He has designed flyers for lpswich Community Centre for local artist to exhibit art work. Larry is very creative with describing his own art work:
‘THE STRANGE’ ~ Struggling to breathe, I wanted to move. But I could not feel my body. My life, suddenly, in a world so strange (on paralysis and the moment you realise that you will never be able to walk again).
Larry spoke about the difference in having great staff to support and encourage his interests and having like minded staff that love the art world like him.
He is so appreciative that Real Community Services listen and delivered what he needed. Funny story, Larry says he came to RCS because a girl from RCS smiled at him, let’s say the rest is history.
Then he met Julie (support worker) and they got on like a house on fire, it was so easy. He can’t thank the staff enough for finding the great places and being his assistants in photography.
The staff mentioned that Larry has been teaching them a lot about travel. It’s a win, win for all.
Larry worked is all original and no images are from online platforms or google images. Everything that you see in Larry’s art work is 100% his.
Larry concludes our catch up saying “Still here, look out, still bloody here. Something I do and like doing”
Larry Stumer ©2020 All artwork, descriptive words and photography.
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Real Community Services invites you to speak with us about our available properties from Gympie to Gold Coast.
or call us on 1300 007 270.
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