Whether you’re stuck inside because of rainy weather, you’re self-isolating due to COVID-19 or trying to work from home with the kids, we know that it can sometimes be a struggle to find activities that keep kids of all ages entertained while staying indoors.

And while it is sometimes more convenient to just throw on a movie or reach for the iPad, there are times when you might want to give your kids some screen-free time and instead encourage them something new.

To give you a little bit of help, we’ve put together 10 of our favourite indoor activities to keep kids entertained including arts & crafts, cooking, and games that you can adapt to your kids ages and interests.

1. Make your own tin can bowling game

Gather those left overs cans and tins from the kitchen, give them a coat of paint if you’d like, and then stack them up for an indoor game of bowling.  Use a long hallway as the alley, use an odd shapes object as the ‘bowling ball’ to add a bit of fun, and keep track of points to make it a competitive game.

2. Make a marble run

This activity can be loads of fun to both make and play, and you can also customise it to suit different ages. This marble run from Frugal Fun 4 Boys is a great example of bigger more complicated marble run, but we’ve also seen some pretty easy marble runs made out of old toilet paper rolls sticky tapes to the wall.

3. Make clay ornaments

Air dry clay is easy to make and will get your kids tapping in to their creative side by sculpting and painting. This is also a great activity to do in the lead up to Christmas as you can very easily make Christmas tree ornaments that make great present for grandparents.

4. Get cooking

We love getting kids in the kitchen.. in fact we love it so much we’ve written an entire blog about the best recipes to make with little ones. From pizza, to cookies, and meatloaf check out the blog here.

5. Make a pinata

Who says pinatas are only for parties? They’re another great way to encourage creativity and can be made as small or as BIG as your child wants. Kids will love getting messy with paper mache, and there are countless ways then can decorate their creation.

6. Make your own lantern festival

This activity is a great way to use up old plastic bottles and can add a really pretty display for an outdoor dinner. The lanterns can be decorated with tissue paper and then lit up with electric or tealight candles and can be themed for a special occasion.

7. Make your own bath bombs

Something for the older kids, making your own bath bombs is an easy little science experiment.  These Lush inspired bath bombs need a few special ingredients but are bright and colourful.. and smell amazing!

8. Build a race car track

Masking tape is an easy way to build your very own racetrack for toy cars. You can keep it simple, or take it further and make the racetrack travel around the house and over obstacles.

9. Play a collection of ‘minute to win it’ games

This list of minute to win it games by Play Party Plan has 10 easy to play games and activities that will have everyone in the family giggling. You can set up the games to have a family tournament and can be played with just a couple of people or with a large group.

10. DIY Balloon Rockets

So, this last activity isn’t quietest…but kids will get a real some real fun out of letting off their balloon rockets. Simply tie up some yarn, thread throw a straw and attach it to your rocket.. and presto you’re ready for take-off! Your kids can even decorate their rockets and then race to see whose rocket goes furthest.

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Real Community Services invites you to speak with us about our available properties from Gympie to Gold Coast.
or call us on 1300 007 270.
Click here to learn more