Disability Support Careers

Real Community Services aims to provide flexible employment arrangements to support our staff and their families. We offer opportunities to engage with us and the community as well as training opportunities for professional improvement. As a family orientated organisation we prefer to offer opportunities of advancement where available from within our dedicated team with many of our coordinators, administration, finance and management previously working for RCS as support workers. This is because we value ethics, honesty and respect along with the capacity to be trainable above all else.

We are committed to supporting various community organisations, causes and charities. Our most notable is the Mater Foundation – Mater Little Miracles. An amazing organisation, with personal significance to ourselves, some of our team, clients and families, that provides care for the states seriously ill and most vulnerable children.

In addition, we view our community responsibilities acutely, developing and supporting a culture of compassion, ethics, honesty, flexibility and commitment to going the extra mile to supply quality experienced support services and outcomes. We also aim to continue to provide a service that is effective, viable and respected by individuals, families, government/non-government organisations and the community.