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Inclusive Playgrounds For All Abilities

Taking the family to the local park is a favourite pastime for so many Australian families. Spaces where children can play, make new friends, explore, and of course burn off that extra energy! But unfortunately most playgrounds are not inclusive or accessible for...

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5 Reasons To Get Kids Cooking!

For many families the thought of letting their kids into the kitchen comes with many dangers – hot stoves, sharp knives, and the risk of a big mess. But getting children into the kitchen is a fantastic way to familiarize them with new foods, improve their...

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National Awards for Disability

National Awards for Disability Leadership to be held Monday 3 December On International Day of People with Disability, the National Awards for Disability Leadership will be held to recognise outstanding achievements by people with disability from across Australia....

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Mealtime Support For People With A Disability

Mealtime is an important experience for everyone, not only for the act of consuming food and nourishing the body, but also as an opportunity for everyone of all abilities to engage in social interactions enjoyed over a meal and the emotional support and connection...

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Pre-Work Screening Test for NDIS Workers

Queensland Government Joins National Pre-Work Screening System Published: 21st September 2018 The Queensland government announced earlier this month that they have joined a national pre-work screening system ahead of the state’s transition to the NDIS Scheme.  These...

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