Codes of Practice

Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility

RCS is committed to creating and maintaining best practice Occupational Health and Safety and Return to Work management and implement a governance framework of continual improvement.

With changes to the Workers’ Compensation and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2003, employers can now request workers disclose any pre-existing injury or medical condition that they believe or should suspect would be aggravated by the duties in the position applied for.

Section 571D entitles employers to access a prospective worker’s claims history detailing the number and nature of a person’s current or previous applications for compensation or claims for damages under the Qld workers’ compensation scheme.“ This allows employers to make better decisions regarding employee safety and take precautions to better protect workers against injury.

The best way for workers to avoid their injuries and claim history limiting future employment and career aspirations and opportunities is to avoid injury and consequent Workcover claims.

Real Community Services is committed to assisting every member of our team remain viable, in the workforce and avoid injury by working closely with both the Dept. of Communities, Workcover and Workplace Health & Safety Queensland to minimise injury risk, claims and support worker to return to work as quickly as possible.

We also provide training, policies, procedures and mechanisms to assist our team to perform tasks safely, report concerns and make appropriate decisions regarding their own and client safety.

RCS values and invests significant infrastructure to ensure ongoing commitment to Occupational Health and Safety for our employees and wider community.

For these reasons we are a member of the Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program Leadership Program Welcome Letter 2012

Codes Of Practise

The recent national harmonisation of the Workplace Health and Safety Legislation has brought about some much needed consistency in the obligations of employers and employees in managing the safety of worksites. On this page you will find listed abbreviated notes from Toolbox Talks undertaken to better communicate and ensure compliance with everyones obligations. For a full listing of the codes of practice, please visit the link to the Department of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. http://www.deir.qld.gov.au/workplace/law/legislation/codes/index.htm

Toolbox Talks

After completion of the toolbox talk, notes are posted to this page.

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