Acquired Brain Injury Support

Real Community Services provides specialised support to people with a brain injury.

We understand the challenges specific to individuals with an acquired brain injury, and provide a tailored support program focused on empowering and helping people rebuild their lives post injury.

“It takes work to ensure an improved quality of life for someone. We make sure everyone knows what to expect of each-other” – Nathan Larsen (Business Development Manager)

What Do We Do

Brain Injury can happen to anyone. As many as 11,000 Queenslanders can be expected to sustain a brain injury each year.

Our mission is to help individuals rebuild their lives post injury. We provide assistance to adults and children with an acquired brain injury (ABI). Our research has shown a lack of specialised support services available for people who require assistance with the challenges of rebuilding their lives post injury.

Brain injuries are often known as the “invisible disability” as even mild injuries can impact on all aspects of an individual’s life and yet there is little physical evidence to be seen. Many areas of an individual’s life will be impacted after a brain injury, including cognitive ability, memory, concentration, planning, problem solving and personality changes which result in relationship disruption, complex behaviours and isolation from the community.

The key to our client’s success has been the specific recruitment of suitable support staff to work with clients to achieve their rehabilitation and community reintegration goals. We collaborate with case managers, allied health professionals and families to provide targeted, individualised coordination and support to implement rehabilitation, life skills and reintegration programs.

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