Testimonials & Stories

Real Community Services has a substantial history of response for some of the communities most challenging individuals in crisis care. We provide this specialised service to both government and NGO’s and achieve previously unachievable outcomes with clients in our care or supported by us in partnership with other Service Providers.

Below are a number of testimonials and clients stories of individuals currently or previously supported by Real Community Services. **Please note that names have been omitted from the client stories to protect the privacy of the individual, their families &/or Service Providers.

Mum: “Eight years ago my daughter was involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. After residing at an aged care facility for five years she moved into her own home supported by RCS. During the three years she has been receiving support she has gone from strength to strength…….. I can’t speak highly enough of the amazing dedicated team that have worked to achieve these outcomes for my daughter.”

Helen: A young woman who had sustained a severe acquired brain injury resulting in paralysis down her left side and inability to communicate verbally, started receiving support from RCS in 2010. At this time Helen was a resident at an aged care facility and was rarely out of bed or accessing the community. She had frequent, chronic outbursts of violent and challenging behaviour including self- harming.

Shortly after accessing our service Helen moved into her own home. In collaboration with Helen, her associated allied health professionals and her family, a goal based rehabilitation plan was developed, which was regularly reviewed and updated accordingly.

Three and a half years later Helen has made amazing progress and is:-

  • Regularly doing volunteer work in a child care centre one day a week,
  • Attending hydrotherapy two days a week.
  • Is involved in all aspects of daily living,
  • Uses her ipad as a daily journal, and to complete crosswords and puzzle games
  • Is using her tilt table every day,
  • Loves to go to the local RSL and see cover bands.
  • Has been to a Pink concert and Dracula’s

It has been an interesting and challenging journey for all involved, but thanks to all of Helen’s incredible hard work, the dedication and creativity of her support team, allied health professionals and her Mum, we are all looking forward to more exciting progress in the years to come.

“Autism Queensland has had a business relationship with Real Community Services for several years. In that time we have been more than satisfied with the service we have received. We have always found Real Community Services staff to be customer focused and professional in all our dealings. We have also employed several of their support workers permanently as we have been impressed with their attitude professionalism and knowledge for the cohort of people we support” – Glenda Watkins (Manager Disability Operations – Autism Queensland)

Amanda: A young person transitioning from Child Safety to Disability Services arrived in our care with complex physical needs and extreme challenging behaviours. This young lady had previously been supported by a number of Service Providers with limited success and was displaying some of the most extreme behaviours we had witnessed.

Working collaboratively with her parents and our highly trained and experienced support workers specifically matched to her support needs, we were able to quickly develop stradegies to improve her quality of life. Over a period of 12 months were worked closely with SBCS (Specialist Behavior and Clinical Services – the then IBST) to develop and implement a plan to empower this young lady to achieve previously unachievable outcomes. Today she regularly accesses the community, attends community activities, visits our office, participates in her own team meetings and loves her home crafts.

Micheal: A young person requiring emergency and crisis care, entered the Services of a NGO Provider late one Friday evening. Having been religuished from his previous Provider with dual diagnosis and extreme challenging behaviours, we were contacted by his new NGO to commence emergency staffing 2 on 1 – 24/7 support immediately.

Over the following weeks and months we worked collaboratively with his new Provider and the Dept. of Community Services to develop and implement a positive behavioural support plan and identify strategies to support this young man. In addition we supported his new Provider through the period of transition as they recruited for his support, providing training and mentoring to their staff before they commenced his full-time support and care.

Upon ceasing our staffing services this young man had reduced incidents and behaviours, no longer requiring 2 on 1 support.