Real Community Services is pleased to announce that on 19 May, the Citizens’ Jury released their report at the National Office in Geelong.

The event was organised by People With Disability Australia (PWDA), who delivered the report and the new Democracy Foundation selected the jurors and expert witnesses.

Randomly selected jurors heard from advocate witnesses and participants about their experience of the Scheme.

The report was live streamed and can be viewed on the NDIS Citizen’s Jury Report page on the Livestream Australia website.  During the live stream of the event, the hashtag #NDISJury reached the top five trending hashtags on Twitter in Australia.

The aim of the Citizens’ Jury was to hear from ordinary Australians to deliver a verdict on the progress of the NDIA and provide suggestions for improvements.  The report includes recommendations from the jury, based on the evidence they heard from participants, advocate witnesses and the NDIA over the four sitting days.

The report recommendations are organised in eight themes based on those described by the Productivity Commission in their report on Disability Care and Support in 2011.

On May 19 a question and answer panel was established, made up of three jurors, two advocate witnesses, president of PWDA Craig Wallace, Max Hardy (jury facilitator), NDIA deputy CEO Louise Glanville, General Manager of NDIA Operations Liz Cairns and moderator Sue Salthouse.

Deputy CEO Louise Glanville said the Citizens’ Jury provided a great opportunity to hear from the real experts of the NDIS.  justice-387213_640

“It is an important part not to just have feedback from Parliamentary committees or experts … but to actually think about the real experts … people who are participants in this scheme, to really get a sense of how people are finding the work we are doing.

“Within the Agency we will put out a response to the scorecard telling everyone who has been involved, and the public more generally, what we intend to do and how we wish to report back to you on the changes we are making within the Agency, and how we are rolling out the NDIS as a consequence of the feedback”.

Ms Glanville said information from the Citizens’ Jury report will help the NDIA to know if they are on the right track.

“One of the pieces of work we are finalising is … the Outcomes Framework, which picks up on so many of the points that were raised at the very beginning – points about employment and those sorts of opportunities,” Ms Glanville said.

The NDIA thanked the jurors and witnesses for their commitment to improving the NDIS.

“It is heartening that the jury found the Scheme is supporting quality of life outcomes for people with disability,” Ms Glanville said.

She said the Agency is aware of the importance of NDIA staff to help people with disability live an ordinary life and to achieve their goals and aspirations.

The Citizens’ Jury is available on the PWDA website and the Agency’s response is available on the NDIS website.

Read the full report here.