Self Directed Support

Real Community Services can provide a variety of services to individuals who have chosen to self-direct or self-manage their funds. As a host provider, we can help you with your self-direction journey.

Self-direction allows you to be the driver of your own life, your goals and how you reach them. Self-directing your disability support means you, with the help from the people you choose—can design and manage your support in the way that best suits you.

Self-Direction and Your Life, Your Choice

If you have individual ongoing funding (known as recurrent funding) from Disability Services, and the support you need is not for an emergency or crisis situation, you can talk to your local Disability Services office about Your Life Your Choice.

Is Your Life, Your Choice right for me?

Your Life Your Choice may be a good option for you if:

  1. You want, and can take on more responsibility for your disability support
  2. You arrange your disability supports from more than one provider

Host provider or direct payments?

In Your Life Your Choice, you choose the level of responsibility for managing your disability services that you are comfortable with.

There are 2 ways you can manage your supports. You can choose to take:

  1. a little, some or most responsibility for planning and managing your disability supports, and work with a host provider.
  2. all responsibility for planning and managing your disability supports, and receive direct payments into your bank account. This is called direct payments.
Download Your Life Your Choice Brochure

Want to Know More?

Call us about whether Self Direction – Your Life Your Choice is right for you (07) 37256500 during office hours or Click here to email us your enquiry


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All referrals and personal information are strictly confidential. Your information will not be shared by us to anyone without your permission, or unless required by law.

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