Youth Services

Real Community Youth Services provides support to children and youth. We believe that a priority for our Youth Support Workers is to encourage the development of pro-social behaviours, enhance self-worth, sense of well-being, and inclusion. We specialise in supporting young people living with a disability and/or moderate to extreme needs.

This includes:

  • Transitional services
  • Temporary to medium term residential share accommodation
  • Specialised in providing support services for young people living with a disability and those with challenging behaviours
  • Emergency care

What we offer:

  •  Youth Workers: Our youth workers are trained in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI) delivering support and care using a therapeutic approach.  We are also specialized in delivering support services to young people living with a disability and for those displaying challenging behaviours. A number of our youth workers have received the ‘Recognition’ (ERA) awardpresented by Evolve Interagency Services for : “Building a strong and supportive working relationship with a young person. And for building and maintaining a strong team approach and positive working environment.”
  • Transitional Placement: We offer transitional placements for young people exiting care, transitioning to Disability Services, awaiting foster placement, transitioning to other NGSP’s long term accommodation services.
  • Community support and access: RCS offers assistance in returning young people to school, accessing the community and building  beneficial relationships with peers and community groups.  Through out the duration of support, we provide assistance and encouragement with life skills, positive peer relationships, education and career / future planning to enable young people to make positive choices and contributions to society as they become young adults.
  • Emergency Care: Real Community offers immediate support services in response to emergency care situations.  We can provide these services in a variety of locations, conditions and continue both short and medium term


For further information or support, call us and request to speak to our Youth Care Services Manager: Office Hours: 07 3725 650 or After Hours Emergency: 0448 032 021

RCS Youth Services Brochure